Sunday, August 26, 2018


Room setting - Ready ! Food - Ready ! Role Players - Ready ! 
Contestants - Ready ! Judges and audience - Ready !!
Super !!! Let's get it rolling !!

A highly anticipated evening of laughter, high energy, great camaraderie and awesome support from everyone present. The diligent Organising Chair Stuart Tang CC checked in as early as 5pm to coordinate and ensure all were in order. The role players team were superb and we applauded them for stepping up to assist in the Contests. Our heartfelt gratitude to everyone and the superb audience.

 Organsing Chair Stuart Tang CC CL
 Contest Chair     Lim Lay Kun DTM and Peter Siew DTM 
 SAA                   Cheang Min Shin and Chan Foong Yen
 Timers                Johan Ooi CC CL and Chip Tsao (Deloitte)
 Ballot Counter   Lee Wei Seong ACG CL, Ayris (Phoenix), Ng Swee Lynn (Sunway University)
 Photographer     Cherry Ho CC
 Chief Judge        Ramdas Nayar DTM

And the Contests begun  to a max out room of 60 toastmasters and guests. We were all excited. Contestants were raring to complete their speeches.

Humorous Speech Contestants
Trix Teng, Edward Teh, Serena Pang, Sharon Foo, Tham Chee Wah, Tan Kian Yoong

 Evaluation Contestants
 Lim Zhu San, Linda Trivino, Serena Pang, Tan Kian Yoong, Trix Teng, Edward Teh

                                                                       Trix Teng

                                                                   Tan Kian Yoong

                                                                       Edward Teh
                                                                       Lim Zhu San

                                                                    Linda Trivino

                                                                        Sharon Foo

                                                                      Serena Pang

Evaluation Contest winners
First place          Tan Kian Yoong
Second place      Edward Teh
Third place        Sharon Foo

 Humorous Speech winner
First place               Sharon Foo
Second place           Tan Kian Yoong
Third place              Tham Chee Wah

It was an evening of delight, fun filled, inspiring humorous speeches and superb evaluations. Thank you everyone.

Prepared by  Sharon Foo ACB ALB IP2