Tuesday, April 16, 2013


D'Utama Advanced Toastmasters Club Presents: SPEECHCRAFT

This program designed to develop your public Speaking abilities.

These 2 days Intensive program will be conducted by various experience speakers to help you improve in:

  1. Speaking and presenting better in meetings
  2. conducting an effective meeting
  3. Delivering Business Presentations
  4. Motivating People
  5. Interviewing for jobs
  6. Effectively leading your team and many more

Do not miss this opportunity ! Sign up NOW!!

Date: 11,12 Mayt 2013
Time: 9am - 6pm
Venue:Wiseed Meeting Center, Merchant Square, Tropicana

Rate: RM250 for D'Utama Advanced TMC members,
         RM400 for Public (Group package of 3 pax RM1000)

Contact person: Foong Weng Tuck 016-225 1626
                          Kenyu Ho              012-212 4837

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

D'Utama Advanced Toastmasters Christmas Dinner & meeting

Date: 13 December 2012
Theme: Santa's Coming. Be Ready!!
Attendance: 30 Persons including visitors
with  - Ramdas Nayar, our District Governor of District 51

The meeting took place in Upper Crust Cafe at Dataran Prima and the event was organized by Ernie Lui , VPM .

President Dinesh and TME Dennis Wee DTM

Presidential Speech - story about not being stingy, christmas present for the wife and related it to our club open evaluation.


TME Dennis Wee hosted the evening with great humour !

Table Topics Master - by Gigue who is her first time .

Speakers were Rachel, Enrique,Andrew, Dr Arul, Jeff Poon, the best Table Topics Speaker was Dr. Arul

There were 2 speakers for the night- Sabrina, 2nd Speech and Kenyu, 9th Speech

Evaluation session - General Evaluator was Ramdas Nayar, our District Governor of District 51 .

Speech Evaluator: Bernard for Table Topics, Sheila for Sabrina and Dr Arul for Kenyu

Induction of new members(8 Members)with the mentors


From Left:  Cherry, Carmen, Foo, Johan, Sabrina, Andrew, Jeff, CK Choong

Dennis explained about the paths of growing in TM and invited Ramdas to pass the Presidential Citation Award to Yat Seow for his long contribution in TM.

Cake cutting ceremony (for Dr arul and yat seow - presidential citation award, joseph - international director of region 14 and dennis for becoming the first runner up for evaluation contest in district 51)

Gift Exchange Session

Written By Dinesh Krishnan

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Low Yat Seow DTM is the Presidential Citation Recipient

Low Yat Seow, DTM of D'Utama Advanced Toastmasters Club  has been selected to receive the Toastmasters International Presidential Citation Award. This Award will be presented at the 81st International Convention in Orlando, Florida in August 2012
In recent club meeting , Ramdas Nayar, our District Governor of District 51 presented the award to Low Yat Seow before 30 members and visitors.
He shared with us his journey in Toastmaster from an ordinary toastmaster member to Club President, a DTM, and then to district level.


Monday, October 22, 2012

Club Meeting October 2012, D'Utama Advanced Toastmasters Club is named the Home Club of T.I.International Director

 Theme:  Rise of the CC’s

Word of the day : Encourage

Members/guest attendance:  20

Time started : 7.45pm/ended at 10.30pm


Meeting theme “Rise of the CC’s “as all of tonight’s speeches are from Basic communication manuals.

T.I.International Director DTM Joseph Gomez presented a ribbon from T.I. to our President Dinesh Kishnan,making Du Advanced Toastmasters Club his home club ,congratulations!


SAA Foong  called the meeting to order and mentioned of do’s and don’ts in meeting honorable guests introduced themselves among the guests were Ms Regina from Yamaha Musical school,GE from DKC TMC, Dinesh Kanna Acs, and our very own International Director T.I DTM Joseph Gomez .


President Dinesh Krishnan CC delivered  his presidential address  relating story of  a talking Parrot which was bided for $500 K in auction, it was later found out that actually the voice for bidding came from  the parrot so its human vs. parrot bidding,

Moral of story “don’t judge a book by its cover”



TME for the night   was our District 51 P.R.O ACB Lim Lay Kun 


Table topics –round robin story telling style - VPE Joyce Hue

Joyce started her story of driving on the high way in  an old car to

Rawang but lost her way ….this was continued by Dinesh, Cherry Ho , Regina,Sabrina , SK Khor Peter Siew,Johan ooi  Choi Kum Ying turning this into horror exciting unimaginable ghost story... 
Joyce Hue

Dinesh Krishnan

Cherry Ho

Guest Regina


Peter Siew

Johan Ooi

Chooi Kum Ying



Project Speech

1st speaker: Ice Breaker Speech _ “Princess Foodie”

Ms Sabrina Louis  (daughter of DTM Bernard Louis )attempting her maiden ice breaker speech .


2nd Speaker :TM Johan Ooi  Speech No 2   Organize your speech “Music to My ears’


3rd speaker:TM Chooi Kum Ying speech No 6 Vocal variety



4th Speaker - TM Kenyu Ho ( speech No 8) Visual Aids

Titled : Frame of the Minds”

 GE Dinesh Kannan..ACS AL


Evaluators SK KHor , Patric Lim, Foong Weng Tuck, Bernard Louis, and Low Yat Seow



D'Utama Toastmasters Club tradition:  A Standing ovation for Ice Breaker speech TM Sabrina congratulations!

Winner for Project Speech –TM Johan Ooi ‘s  Music to our Ears



Best Speech Evaluator- DTM Bernard Louis 



Next meeting-8th November 2012

Written by Foong Weng Tuck