Sunday, December 3, 2017

Ho ho ho !
A month of merriment go go go !
You are invited to our Meeting yo yo yo !
Enjoy a special line up ho ho ho !

A meeting of high anticipation
Four great DTM speakers in unanimous agreement
To deliver their icebreakers with full enthusiasm
It will be an exciting evening of bewilderment.

Behold... our Toastmaster of the Day
Will keep you in stitches from here to Bombay
Vivacious and high energy as she sparkles her way
Her wit and speedtalk will take your breath away.

Tis the season of giving
Without a thought of receiving
At D Utama Advanced we are presenting
With joyful hearts we welcome all to our Meeting.

Dressing up is fun ,the theme is Christmas
Come as Santa or Rudolph and not in pyjamas
Christmas is not about giving out presents
We are delighted in embracing your presence.

Come and party with us , we aint Darth Vader
Our venue is at KDU College Damansara Jaya
Parking is free and easy or you may just Uber
Remember to block the date , it is 14 December !

Prepared by Sharon Foo, CC